My family and I moved into our neighborhood just over ten years ago, right around the time I was starting school. It was a brand new sub division, so some of my first memories of our neighborhood include lots of dirt, construction workers, loud noises, and these little baby trees. These newly planted trees were essentially twigs that couldn't even stand on their own. I think I remember these trees so well because I've kind of grown up with them.


Getting the mail has always been my responsibility. Almost every day since we moved, I've made the same short walk to the mailbox. As I was walking to get the mail yesterday, I realized that when I started getting the mail as a little girl, those trees that line the street were way smaller. 

I was six when I started making that daily walk, and now I'm almost eighteen. Just like those trees, I used to be small and wimpy and fully dependent on others. Now, for both the trees and I, that's not the case. It's crazy how day to day, you don't notice change, but over the years it's shocking how drastic it can be. 

For example, since the beginning of my school career, we've taken First Day pictures in the same exact spot in our garden. It's definitely the same garden and the same Hannah, but you almost wouldn't be able to tell. Growing is weird that way, it sneaks up on you.

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