Summer Travels

This summer has It's been so incredible (and incredibly busy) that I can barely wrap my head around it! It's hard to believe that my senior year starts TOMORROW. I've been in denial about school starting since summer hit the midway point. Since I haven't been blogging long enough to have documented each and every adventure, I thought I'd do quick overview of the places I've visited with a picture to match. 

June 16th-26th
So relaxing. And sunny. And beautiful. I chilled a little, explored a lot, and took advantage of every opportunity to eat as much pineapple as one can possibly eat! We traveled with some lifelong friends, which was so much fun. Highlight: kayaking a mile out to a cove where I got to swim with tons of sea turtles!

June 28th-July 6th
Lake Tahoe
This was a nannying trip, so it was definitely hard work- but such a great time. Being in LT for The Fourth felt so patriotic (the fireworks show was the best I've ever seen)! Also, I had the realization that North Shore is like the Hampton's of the West Coast. Highlight: Going on morning walks with the kids and admiring all of the bazillion dollar homes. 

July 8th-10th
New York City
My parents completely surprised me with this trip, so you can just imagine how excited I was. I did so much in the short amount of time I was there. From staying in the hotel where Gossip Girl was filmed to exploring Central Park to going to the Smart Girls Conference, it was an absolutely perfect few days. Highlight: meeting the most AMAZING girls on this planet at the conference. 

July 23rd-27th
LA and San Diego
The trip started with an audition in LA and a little shopping. Then we headed to San Diego where I nannied the sweetest little boy for the majority of my time. On my day off, I took my brother to Disneyland! Highlights: buying a Burberry scarf for like 90% off at a vintage shop in LA and eating my favorite Mickey-shaped beignets while watching the parade in Disneyland. 

July 30
It was a perfect day to make the drive out to Bidwell Park for a bike ride! Highlight: the post bike ride sandwich and cappuccino I had from Tin Roof

I feel like I had the best summer and also no summer at all. It was a whirlwind for sure! But I loved it. If I could spend my life traveling, I would in a heartbeat. If you have any questions about where I stayed/where I ate/what I did, comment below! I would love to share, I just didn't think writing a post the size of a novel would be very interesting ;). What did you do this summer? Any travel spots you'd recommend? 

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