Under The Weather


Whenever I get too busy and overwhelmed, my immune system is the first thing to go. Truthfully, I knew I was getting sick days before it actually hit me. I had a terribly sore throat, chills, headache, and zero energy for a solid three days. It was great to catch up on some rest, and getting sick was a good reminder that I need to give myself time to chill everyday. Even if it's just half an hour fit into your busy schedule, taking a little time to yourself each day will make for a healthier body and mind. I give credit to Sleepytime Peach Tea, Gossip Girl reruns, and these incredible Lou & Grey drawstring pants for making me feel better!

PS: By no means do I look even semi-presentable when I'm actually sick. I usually go for an oversized t-shirt, but I figured getting sick was a good reason to do a loungewear post. ;)

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