First Lilly Pulizter Purchase


Recently I bought my first Lilly Pulitzer item. Being from the West Coast, I had never even heard of Lilly Pulitzer until this summer when I traveled across the country and met the most wonderful, preppy blogger friends! Apparently over there, Lilly Pulitzer is like a uniform or something. ;) Fast forward a few months to when I visited San Diego and picked up this beautiful peplum tank at one of the two stores in California that carry Lilly Pulitzer. The tank isn't one of the "classic" Lilly Pulitzer prints, instead it has a simple eyelet design, which is perfect for me. Since the top is so clean and simple, these electric blue Kate Spade heels and this neon tassel necklace were the perfect additions to my outfit. I had so much fun wearing this Lilly Pulitzer tank while staying true to my California style! 

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