I was browsing Pinterest, as I do way too often, and came across this beautiful quote. I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind because, to be honest, I need to take this to heart right now. Whether I'm working on college applications, planning my 18th birthday party, or focussing on furthering my career, this time in my life is very "me" centered. It's absolutely great to have goals and ambitions for yourself, but I guarantee that you will achieve those goals and feel better doing it when you put others first. Next time we see someone eating alone at lunch, let's sit down and get to know them. Let's pay it forward at Starbucks by paying for the person in line behind us. Or just listen and be a comforter if a friend is having a rough day. I'm challenging myself to do this and I hope you do the same! I'd love to hear your experiences. Comment below with a time that you have risen by lifting others!

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