Think Outside The Lunchbox: Breakfast On The Go!

Exciting news alert! My blogger bestie, Mandy, and I are kicking off a six-week series called “Think Outside The Lunchbox” which will feature tons of healthy recipes that will get you through those busy school days! Each week we will offer two different options for the same type of meal. With me sticking to all natural foods and Mandy eating vegetarian and gluten-free, there are bound to be a recipes you’ll love! In addition to this series, you should check out our wellness articles in The Smart Girls Guide for more healthy tips. We hope you’ll enjoy these recipes and are inspired to “think outside the lunchbox!”

We figured it only made sense to do our first healthy meal post on the first meal of the day: breakfast! Even though sometimes it’s tempting to speed out the door in the morning without eating, we cannot stress enough that breakfast truly is “the most important meal of the day.” If you eat non-nutritious, fatty, and sugary foods (or even worse, nothing at all), we can almost guarantee you’ll experience a mid-day crash. If you eat fueling foods for breakfast, your day will be set for success! Try out these recipes and let us know what you think! Better yet, if you have quick and healthy breakfast recipes, share ‘em! We’re always looking for yummy new meal ideas. 

When it comes to eating breakfast before school, I really struggle. Often I find myself grabbing an energy bar as I run out the front door or even forgetting to eat breakfast all together (bad I know, but I’m just trying to stay transparent here!). My main problem is that I’d much rather catch a few more precious moments of sleep than sit down for a gourmet breakfast. This yogurt parfait is great because it’s the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious. Plus, with prep time of less than a minute, it still allows for time to sleep in! Amazing, I know.

I included Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt, KIND Oats and Honey Clusters granola, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and honey in my parfait. The great thing about breakfast parfaits is that there are literally a million different combinations, so you can follow my recipe or get creative and make your own!

PS: In real life, my breakfast isn’t this pretty. A great way to eat on the go is to simply add the granola and fruit straight into your yogurt container! 


I’m the type of girl who loves to eat when I’m bored! (awful, I know) Though I still do snack throughout the day, I find I eat less if I have something for breakfast, even if it’s a small slice of toast. Being gluten free and a vegetarian has definitely made finding grab and go breakfast foods (along with about every other meal I eat) a struggle. 

Luckily, Bisquick makes a delicious gluten free flour mix that creates perfect pancakes (and allows me to hop off the struggle bus)! I love getting creative by adding chocolate chips and whatever nuts I have in my pantry into my mix. Sometimes I’ll add peanut butter, coconut, honey, and even fruit into my batter! I like to make a big batch of pancakes on Sunday night and pop them in the fridge. In the mornings, my dad will microwave them for about 30 seconds right as I’m ready to walk out the door so they are nice and warm for me to eat on my way to school! (Snaps to you, Daddy, for making my mornings a little bit easier!).

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