Think Outside The Lunchbox: Simple Snacking

Welcome to week three of "Think Outside The Lunchbox"! This week Mandy and I will be covering our favorite simple snacks, and now that we've reached the halfway point of this series, we want to hear from you! What meals or topics would you like us to cover? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

1. The Fresh
Bell Pepper Slices: 25 calories per pepper
Bell peppers are so low calorie that they make the perfect snack for mindlessly munching on while doing homework or watching TV. 

2. The Fruity 
Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks: 70 calories per bag
I always carry these in my purse in case I'm feeling low energy. The fruit sugar gives me the perfect boost, but beware these fruit snacks are so addictive and it's tempting to eat like twelve packages at a time... trust me. I know from experience. 

3. The Sweet 
Fiber One Brownies: 90 calories per brownie 
When the inevitable chocolate craving hits, try this low calorie brownie! Your sweet tooth will be satisfied and you won't feel guilty. 

4. The Spicy 
The Good Bean Smoky Chili & Lime: 120 calories per serving
I just discovered these yummy roasted chickpeas! The chili-lime flavor is anything but bland and I find myself snacking a little too much on these. 

5. The Savory
Pirate's Booty: 130 calories per serving 
These baked cheese puffs are what I would describe as healthy Cheetos. They're my go to snack during break at school 


1. Boom Chicka Pop: 35 calories per serving
There are 12 different flavors- one for every craving!

2. Kind Granola Bars: 150 calories per bar
Basically Kind anything is delicious and gluten free. Kind brand products are a staple in my diet.

3. Mini Clif Bars: 100 calories per bar
Being gluten free and a vegetarian, its hard to eat out. When I’m out running errands or shopping, I like to keep a mini Clif Bar in my bag or purse to keep me tied over in between meals.

4. Sabra Hummus: 80 calories per serving
Normally I end up buying the individual hummus packages because I eat the whole family sized tub in one sitting….

5. Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla: 110 calories per serving
My love for this crunchy and sweet snack is unreal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or late night snack) this gluten free cereal is my go to.

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