Sending Letters + A Discount Code


 Maybe it's because I have been keeping up with long distance friendships more or because I'm developing a slight obsession with buying cute stationary, but lately I have fallen in love with writing letters again. I will admit, when I was little I used to think that the only purpose of sending a letter was to give an obligatory thank you when someone gave a gift, but I couldn't have been more wrong! When I receive personal letters, it makes my day. Letters are a way to beautifully express just how you feel, show you care, say a meaningful thank you, and make a person feel really special. 

One of my favorite parts of sending snail mail is how pretty letters can be, and trust me, I've already started to acquire quite the pretty stationary collection! Whenever I'm shopping and a notecard catches my eye, it's like I have to buy it...I seriously need to work on self control! I've linked some of my favorite stationary picks from Crane & Co.Papyrus, and Anthropologie

Just when I thought my love for letters couldn't get any bigger, The Stamp Ladies came along. They might just have the cutest shop on Etsy. I was so excited when we decided to team up! The Stamp Ladies sent me this custom address stamp and now I want to send letters just so I have an excuse to use it! They carry a wide variety of custom rubber stamps that are perfect for addressing, labeling, or gifting. The Stamp Ladies have been so generous are offering a discount on any purchase in their shop when you use the code: XOXOHANNAH. For any purchase of $20 or more, you will receive $5 off! How great is that?! 


 In addition the stamp I received, I am also loving this, this, and this stamp. What are your favorite designs from The Stamp Ladies? Remember to use the discount code XOXOHANNAH when you order!

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  1. Letter writing is seriously the best. I just sent all my friends in California some 'happy fall' cards. I love that Thank You card!