Denim, Checked, and Army Green


top//jeans (similar)//jacket(similar)

When I shot this look, I wasn't really intending for it to be a blog post. I was having my head shots updated and pulled this outfit together very last minute! Imagine picking random clothes from the trunk of your car, discovering that (literally) the only thing you forgot to pack was a simple pair of jeans, borrowing pants from your makeup lady, and then getting dressed in a tent in the middle of a parking lot. So much craziness, and so much fun! Shooting with Jay Dixon was a blast as usual and having Kala Ketchum for hair and makeup was so awesome. I can't believe I've been working with them for five years! 

Some of the best outfits originate when you don't spend hours styling and perfecting them. This denim, checked, and army green combination is a perfect example of that. The combination of relaxed, neutral colors and structured, bold prints really caught my eye. And the small tribal detail on my jacket added the perfect touch! This outfit wasn't as girly as I tend to pick, but that was what made it so great! Three pieces that I normally wear in very different ways were seen in a completely new light. I usually style this checked shirt with a chunky sparkly necklace and cropped pants or a skirt, but I discovered that it also looks great this way too. I try not to follow one specific style or trend, because one of the most important aspects of style is being able to stretch the limits of your comfort zone and allow your taste to develop, mature, and change. What are some pieces you've been wearing that are outside of your "style comfort zone"?    


  1. You are so stunning! Love how effortlessly chic this look is:) Lately, I've been wearing some edgy pieces that are a bit out of my comfort zone.

    xo, Katie

  2. I love the freshness of the look. You're smile looked like you were having fun and knowing you, you were!

  3. You're beautiful! Love this look it's so effortless..

  4. Hannah...these pics are gorgeous! Love, love your smile and look! ;)