It's The Little Things


The other night I was up really late doing homework and felt myself quickly falling into an abyss of stress. I decided to take a quick five minute break to just take care of myself. I got up and brushed my hair. As simple as it sounds, that little act completely got rid of my stress and made it possible to get through the rest of my homework. That got me thinking about the small, seemingly insignificant joys that each day brings. It's the little things in life that bring the most happiness. In this season of thankfulness I think it's important to remember not just the big things that we're grateful for. Every second of the day contains a little blessing, it's whether we choose to see them that makes the difference. From now on, I am choosing to see these blessings, whether they be walking to the mailbox, writing a letter to a friend just to say "hi", or unwinding from the day with a good book. I'm curious, what are some of the little things that you're thankful for? 

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