Neutral Tones


Being serious for more than two seconds is just impossible. 

Photos by Bill Payne

This is one of my new favorite outfits! I had been searching for a pair of booties forever and finally found these Vince Camuto's hidden on a shelf and on huge sale at Nordstrom Rack. #score When I got home from shopping, I dug around my closet and put together this outfit! I have always been hesitant with mixing neutral tones, but now I think the "never mix black with brown" philosophy is completely wrong! I love this look because it is perfect for a casual day out, but the heels and hat add a dressier aspect as well. Aside from how this outfit looks, it's one that I just feel really confident in. And that's what matters when it comes to style. 

Do you have an outfit or specific piece that boosts your confidence? Share below! 

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  1. So beautiful, Hannah! This is totally an outfit I'd wear -- neutrals are my go-to favorite. (P.S. The photos are gorgeous!)

    Makin' it with Marissa