Gift Guide: Making A List!


With Christmas songs blasting, coffee in hand, and plenty of holiday cheer, my mom and I hit the mall to do some serious Christmas shopping last weekend. Finding gifts for our friends and family was so much fun and definitely got me in the holiday spirit! Now that I'm in full Christmas mode, there's no stopping me! Once I got a majority of my family members' gifts checked off the list, I got to thinking about my own Christmas list! 

This seems to be the year of fringe and feminine pastels. These items are all so fun and would make great gifts! If your looking for outdoorsy items, this beanie, this vest, and these socks would be perfect. For the the girly girl in your life, a sparkly necklace is the way to go. If you're looking to support small businesses, this print, this mug, and this keychain are from some of my favorite shops. For more pricey presents, this tote and this polaroid are great options. If you're looking for budget friendly gifts, this scarf and these earrings are on major sale!  I hope that these items serve as Christmas shopping inspiration or that they even end up on your own Christmas list! I know my stocking will be hung with care in hopes that these goodies will end up in there! 

December Sunsets


How lucky am I to live near this gorgeous place? El Matador Beach is simply stunning and sunsets somehow make it even more beautiful. I sure could get used to winters in LA! Even though my hometown never gets too cold, I have definitely been pleasantly surprised by these sunny, 70 degree winter days. If it wasn't for this gorgeous dress I could have hopped in the waves! I am in love with this dress from Shop The Mint. I've really been loving this deep purple color, especially for this time of year. This dress is perfect for twirling barefoot in the sand or dressing up for a holiday party. 

And let's just talk about these photos by Kevin Moore. He is such an incredible photographer. We got to talk about Jesus, shoot this gorgeous sunset, and jam to Adele's new album, so it was a successful day in my book! To see more photos from our shoot, check out Kevin's site and give him a follow

Staying Healthy in College


Remember last year's healthy living series? Well this year's comes from a great friend and inspiration! Maria Marlowe is a holistic health coach based in NYC and has inspired me to get back to healthy habits! Sticking to my nutrition and fitness goals has definitely been a challenge since moving to college. My days are often so busy and stressful that when I get to the dining hall, I think "I deserve this junk food". Although we all need a break once in a while, I realized that I've been falling into a bad health routine. Maria made me realize that I my body deserves to treated like gold. I am so excited that Maria is here to share her wisdom on forming healthy habits in college! 

Staying Healthy in College 
Guest Post by Maria Marlowe

Keep a Routine
With anything, consistency is key! It’s very common for us to use the excuse, “I don’t have time”, but if you don’t have time for something, that just simply means it is not a priority. We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s your priorities that determine what you do with them. If something is important to you make time for it. And while you may have to drag yourself to exercise the first 3-4 weeks, once you get in the habit of it, it will become second nature. Schedule things into your calendar (even your bedtime if you have a tendency to be a night owl!), and stick to them as you would a class (you wouldn’t not show up just because you didn’t feel like it).

Keep Healthy Snacks in Dorm 
We have all been hangry at one point or another and then eaten anything in sight. It’s important to have healthy snacks on hand in the dorm room to ensure you don’t experience either of those scenarios. Some of the best choices include coconut smiles (dried coconut chips), date rolls (dates rolled in coconut), raw or sprouted nuts and seeds, and seaweed snacks. You can find lots of healthy snacks at a fraction of the price at Thrive Market.

Find a Buddy 
Having a partner in crime (or health) can make all the difference whether you reach your goals or throw in the towel too soon. Having someone to hold you accountable makes it much more likely you stick it out to the end. Plus, it’s more fun to embark on a new endeavor with someone than doing it on your own. In fact, after coaching people one on one for years, that’s why I launched a group program. I found that when I got a group of people together, they started feeding off each other’s energy and really stepping up, more so than they would have on their own. 

Shop Healthy on a Budget 
There are some great resources for shopping healthy on a budget. Shop the bulk section of your grocery store, purchase packaged goods online, shop the local farmers market, or even sign up for a CSA box of fresh fruit or veggiesFarmers market produce doesn’t even compare to what you find at the grocery in terms of taste or nutrition, and you can often find it cheaper if you do your research. Also, when thinking about food, instead of asking why healthy stuff is so expensive, ask why is junk food so cheap. We have more than enough scientific evidence to prove the impact food has on nearly every aspect of our lives: our weight, our skin, our mood, immunity, productivity, and even cancer risk. There is a great saying, “you can either pay the farmer now, or the doctor later”. So, think of healthy eating as an investment!

You can find delicious, healthy recipes and nutrition tips on Maria's blog and follow her on Instagram for gorgeous food photos, restaurant recommendations, and healthy inspiration


20 By 20

I celebrated my 19th birthday a few weeks ago and can't believe that am entering my last year of being a teen! I feel like yesterday I was counting down the days to my 18th birthday and now here I am. Last year was a big year for me. I accomplished a lot and am so excited to take on another busy, exciting, crazy year! But sometimes it is so easy to get lost in that. My friends and family made my 19th birthday so incredible, and it got me thinking, why shouldn't everyday feel this special? So I made this list. What better way to cherish my last year as a teen than to live purposefully, go on adventures, try new things, and hopefully spread joy to others. I have between now and my 20th birthday to complete this list, so wish me luck!

1. Watch the sunrise. I want to make a conscious effort to wake up early, drive somewhere particularly gorgeous, and appreciate the beauty of the new day.

2. Take a class just for fun. Calligraphy, floral arranging, cappuccino making, or maybe all three!

3. Make a daily habit of reading my Bible.

4. Vote in the presidential election. 

5.  Be more generous. With my time, with compliments, with shared moments, with laughs.

6. Make a photo book for high school. 

7. Do the Hollywood Sign hike. I can't believe I've been living in LA for months now and still haven't gotten around to this!

8. Go on a road trip with friends. What's better than long drives with great friends (and pit stops for coffee of course)?

9. Be on time. If there was such a thing as a professional late person, I'd be one. Really need to work on this.

10. Start investing my money. 

11. Read 20 books. It only makes sense to read 20 books during my 20th year!

12. Start singing again. I really been missing that aspect of my life. Before college, I sang in church and jammed with friends all. the. time.

13. Go completely unplugged for a weekend. 

14. Go to bed by 11pm for a month. I'm convinced that college has made me nocturnal. I'm such a night owl, so I'm excited to see if I can actually do this.

15. Tackle my procrastination. 

16. Embrace my imperfections. Self love. It's important. Though this blog's motto may be to embrace the perfectly imperfect moments of life, its definitely something that I struggle with.

17. Travel to a new country. 

18. Go to a live taping of a show. Ellen, here I come!

19. Get an internship. Preferably in NYC or Paris please?

20. Spread joy. 

Give Thanks for Warby Parker

Everyone experiences fall differently, and I am so excited to team up with the eyeglasses company,  Warby Parker to share how I see mine. This season has definitely included a fare share of homework, essay writing, and studying, but it also consisted of my favorite festivities! It's time put the pencil down, close the computer, and share my #FallSyllabus! My #FallSyllabus has included pumpkin carving with my sorority sisters, birthday fun in San Francisco, holiday baking, spontaneous trips to the beach, and reflecting on this season of thanksgiving. I've been counting down the days to Thanksgiving, and as I wrap up on one of my favorite times of the year, I for one am so thankful for Warby Parker. Lately I've been wearing my Durand frames to get me through early morning classes and late nights of studying. Not only does Warby Parker offer so many styles that you can try through their home trial program, but for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker donates eye exams and affordable glasses to those in need! And that is something to be thankful for! What was on your #FallSyllabus this season? 


Dorm Room Tour {Giveaway}


I am so excited to show you my new little space! Between my classes, sorority, friends, work, and studying, life can feel pretty busy. I wanted my little corners of the dorm to be happy and relaxing. I decided on simple, bright colors and tried to keep it as uncluttered as possible. My dorm may not be too spacious, but it feels so cozy!

I think what ties my room together most are the different art prints! Each adds so much color and personalty. I even found one that was perfect for the bathroom! This print from Thimblepress is always such a great dose of positivity when I'm getting ready for my day. For my desk area, I made a bulletin board to display little memories like ticket stubs, photos, and quotes. This quote on my bulletin board is such a great daily reminder. The prints above my bed are my favorites! These two are from Me & My Big Ideas and this one is from the cutest Etsy shop, Designs by Maria! In case you didn't already know, I am slightly obsessed with all things Parisian (see here, here, and here), so I especially fell in love with the C'est La Vie print!

I am so excited to be teaming up with Designs by Maria to give away one of the shop's lovely C'est La Vie prints! To enter, just comment below with how you would style the print. Good luck!


Senior Portrait Photography


Photos by Bill Payne 

Bill Payne Photography is offering a $250 Senior Portrait Special to my Northern California readers! Bill is so fun to shoot with, scouts the most gorgeous locations, and always makes me feel confident in front of the camera. He actually took my first head shots ever when I started acting over 10 years ago! Since then, we've shot together so many times. He has photographed many of my outfit posts here on the blog! Fun fact: we aren't related at all, we just happen to have the same last name! To schedule a senior portrait session, click the link here and be sure to mention Practically Imperfect! 


Home Is Wherever I'm With Them


Well, I've been at UCLA for a month now! And though it sometimes still feels like I'm at summer camp, it's safe to say I'm well into the school year. It's crazy that it's already time to start studying for midterms! The thought of how fast time is going by really just makes me miss summer. This summer was the adventure of a lifetime, and I feel so lucky to have spent it with the ones I love most. I thought it would be fun for my family to put a video together and add little clips as we traveled. We are all kind of strange and like to think we're funny, so obviously we had to make a music video to capture all of the adventures! My parents and brother are seriously my best friends, and I find myself watching this video whenever I'm missing them and the sunshine they bring to my day! My family may be spread out right now, but home is wherever I'm with them. :)


The 90's Called


photos by Kevin Kim

The 90's called and asked for this outfit back...I said no! But seriously, how fun is this overall/flannel combo? I feel like it's straight off of an episode of Friends! This trend has been making a comeback for a while now, and I'm perfectly happy about it. All I'm missing is a scrunchy!


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


image via

I've been dying to share some exciting news for weeks now, and today is finally the day... You might see a familiar face in the New York Times today! I am so excited and so incredibly honored to be featured in Alex William's piece on Generation Z. It was such a great experience to be interviewed and photographed for today's edition of the Times. You can check out the article here! Thanks for reading! :)


My College Agenda: The Happy Planner


I cannot believe that I am leaving for college in less than a week! There are so many things about this big transition that I am so unprepared for, but luckily, my planner is not one of them! I feel ready to take on this crazy, busy, exciting year with my Happy Planner!

I have always lived out of my day planner, and I have to say, this is the cutest and most efficient planner I've ever used. Seriously... the Happy Planner puts the fun in functional! In the past, I used a day planner and a separate notebook for to-do lists (talk about OCD!). Since the Happy Planner is so customizable, there is plenty of room for all of my lists, my schedule, and creative little details like encouraging quotes, pretty artwork, and all the stickers your heart could desire! Basically, the Happy Planner is a combination of an agenda and a scrapbook. I've always saved my old planners as keepsakes, so this makes the events from the year even more memorable. 

Another one of my favorite features is how each day is broken into three parts. The layout is so convenient, especially for keeping track of my classes. I ended up making my class schedule on transparency paper that I can easily move from week to week throughout the school year. I think it is going to be such a great way to keep my classes and assignments organized! 

Check out my favorite products and what I used to decorate my Happy Planner in the links below!