Hey there readers of Hannah’s amazing blog, Practically Imperfect! I’m Mandy from TheQuirkyConservative.com, other wise known as Hannah’s Blogger Bestie! Ever since meeting Hannah at the Smart Girls Group conference in NYC last July, her and I have been “inseparable”. I put “inseparable” in quotes because we actually live across the country from each other but rarely an hour goes by that we are not in contact. From our almost daily hour(s) long phone calls, to our obsessive letter writing, snapchatting, and instagram tagging, Hannah and I never leave each others sides… our phone’s sides that is. I have no doubt Hannah is having the time of her life in India! Not being able to talk to her every second of every day is heart breaking. However, our distance has shown me exactly how important it is to have a best friend.

A best friend is someone who will listen to whatever you have to say and act like it is the most important thing in the world. Whether its random, unnecessary, a total rant, a not funny joke, a life or death situation, boy drama- a best friend provides you with a listening ear and advice when you need it. They will carry your pain during the worst times in your life and celebrate with you during your best. They make the good memories unforgettable and the bad memories barabble.

Being able to talk to someone about anything and everything knowing they will not form judgement, tell a single soul, and sometimes not even respond is one of the most amazing parts of having a best friend. Sometimes when Hannah and I can’t get ahold of each other (mainly because there is a three hour time difference and we both live busy, busy lives) we will leave a voicemail instead of a text. Do we always respond to these voicemails? No, not at all. But just the thought makes me smile and brightens my day. Other times, we have multiple conversations going at once (some on email, Twitter DM’s {lame, right}, over iMessage, snail mail, and voicemails) that things just go uncommented on. Its not so much that we don’t care about what the other has to say and more we have too much to share and not enough hours in the day to hear it.

Best friends can read your mind- literally. Sometimes when I’m telling Hannah about a situation that occurred, she’ll jump in and say something about how I felt/reacted before I have the chance to tell her. We think a lot alike, which I guess makes us each other's mind readers? We exchanged Christmas presents this year and she bought me an adorable Kate Spade mug with an “M” on it. The funny thing is… I almost bought her the same mug with an “H” on it. Having a mind reader as a best friend also comes in handy when you are trying to plan out an outfit. When I can’t decide if a certain necklace, pair of shoes, or sweater belongs in my wardrobe, Hannah weighs in her opinion. I have this addiction to buying shoes and I never know if I should splurge or skip. Sadly, Hannah is always telling me to splurge…. oh well! At least I have her approval. Hannah knows its her obligation to tell me if my outfit needs some re-evaluation. If my clothes clash, she’ll tell me. If my outfit isn't appropriate for the event, she’ll let me know.

When Hannah and I met and discovered we both were rising seniors in high school we knew we had to be roommates. In fact, before we started referring to ourselves as “Blogger Besties” we called ourselves “Future Roomies”. Sadly I couldn’t convince Hannah to go to school in the South and we have given up on our short term dream of being college roommates...but we plan to intern in New York and maybe even Paris together someday! To be completely honest, I never imagined Hannah and I becoming this close. Heck, I only spent two days with the girl! Staying in touch with Hannah doesn’t feel like work. It’s gotten to the point where I need to talk to Hannah to stay sane (and her being in India for ten days is not helping in this case). When you find your best friend, you’ll just know. And if you haven’t found that one friend that you can imagine yourself sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, drinking iced tea, researching anti-aging techniques, and complaining about having oh so much gray hair with, don’t worry. Hannah and I have waited 17 years to find each other. Sure I have had “best friends” here and there throughout my life, but I have never experienced a friendship as practically imperfect (que wink) as this one.

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of guest posting, Hannah! I cannot wait until you get back!


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