Exactly by Alex


Last weekend, Practically Imperfect got a little makeover! I had been wanting to add a few updates to my design for a while, but they were just a little too far past my tech knowledge. I didn't want to start messing with code and then end up deleting half my content (probably an irrational fear, I know) and was honestly just too nervous to let someone else mess with my blog. So I kept a running list of updates that I needed/wanted and just let the list sit on my desk for a bit.

Then, I discovered that one of my favorite up-and-coming bloggers, Alex, also has a digital design company. I did a little research, looked at Alex's work, and decided to reach out to her! And I am so glad I did! She added new features including more widgets, my Pinterest feed, a featured page and fixed some glitches I had been encountering. Thanks to Exactly by Alex, Practically Imperfect is now looking and running smoother than ever!

Alex offers packages ranging from complete professional site design to smaller site revamps. She is so great at what she does and I think it might be due in part to the fact that she has her own blog. She knows that digital design is so much more than aesthetics, its an expression of your personality, voice, and vision being allowed to shine through the design. Head over to Exactly by Alex! It's your one stop shop for all things digital design! 

PS: Even better news- she offers a big discount to college students! Yay! 

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