Why We Love Brunch


Recently Mandy, a few spectacular blogging friends, and myself were discussing brunch- making fun of ourselves and our whole generation for how ridiculously obsessed we are. These girls are just too hilarious and people probably thought I was crazy as I laughed uncontrollably at my phone screen. But, it got me thinking, we probably spend more time talking about brunch than we actually do brunching. Why are we so obsessed with it?! 

It's the prettiest meal of the day. Let's face it- we are all looking for an excuse to post a pretty photo on Instagram. Brunch foods are usually pretty colorful and photogenic. The only thing better than brunching? Showing people about how perfect our brunch is. Instagram gold. 

It's an excuse to sleep in and eat breakfast food way later than socially acceptable. Sunday mornings/afternoons may be the only day that were not called lazy or irresponsible for showing up at 2pm. 

It's an excuse to day drink. Since I'm only 18, I don't drink. But it seems like nothing goes better together than French toast and alcohol. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, champagne, you name it. I've seen quite a few 70+ year old ladies drink these concoctions like water and then stumble out of the restaurant before it's even noon! 

The wait staff will put up with your group because they know you'll over tip. Good behavior is often not something we brunch goers are great at. Often we are loud. And there is always that friend who sends her food back at least three times. And of course, the bill must be split a million different ways. The wait staff usually doesn't mind because a) they make fun of us for the rest of the day and b) often there are a few friends who over tip because they feel guilty for the table's behavior. 

And there you have it! That's why we love brunch! Do you have any crazy brunch experiences? Or any more reasons why this generation is so obsessed? Comment below! 

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