Winter on the West Coast


Photos by Bill Payne

Right now I'm pretty sure that I live in one of the only places in the country that isn't being drenched with rain or snow storms. Funny story, I was in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago and the temperature dipped to -2 degrees. I didn't know it was even possible for the air to feel that cold and honestly was the biggest drama queen! Well, now that much of the Midwest is experiencing a wind chill of -50 degrees, I am happier than ever to be a California girl. Living in California definitely has it's perks, including (most of the time) nice weather. To me, winters usually mean a light jacket and sunny, 60 degree days... and I am perfectly okay with that! Today I'm partnering up with another California blogger, Sophia of California Belle! We're sharing how we do winter here on the West Coast. Head over to Sophia's blog to see what she wore! 

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  1. You're so cute! Love this outfit, and your accessories - I love that necklace and your watch!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster