Mid-Week Pick Me Up

Is it just me or does the internet seem to be buzzing with even more awesomeness than usual? Maybe it's just me. I had a 10-page term paper due on Tuesday, and let me tell ya, during the three day weekend I had quite a few procrastination Internet binges. Hey, my paper (finally) got done and I found these gems...so I say it's a win-win. ;) In all seriousness, do you have any tips for staying off the phone/social media and staying focussed when writing a paper? I really need to get control of it before I head off to college in the fall, so I would be so thankful for any tips! 

On to my favorite finds this week...

I recently discovered the Barefoot Blonde! Amber is absolutely gorgeous and may have a flawless Instagram feed, but I love that she always keeps things real too! These healthy snack ideas that she shared are awesome because they are really good for you, but aren't too difficult or time consuming to make. I especially want to try the little cucumber, hummus, and turkey sandwiches! I could probably eat like fifty of those. ;) 

If you read my very first post post, then you'll know that I want to be a princess at Disneyland someday! This article is so interesting because it lets you have an inside look at a side of Disney that is usually kept pretty secret. 

President Obama sat down with three of YouTube's biggest stars and answered almost every single question I've been having about politics in an easy to understand and relatable way. Even though it's 45 minutes long, this interview is not something you necessarily have to sit down and watch. I listened to it while I was cleaning my room one day and still feel like I learned a lot! 

Speaking of The President of the United States...Miss Macey will probably win the 2040 election. This girl is hilariously cute and super smart! She's only five years old and knows every detail about every one of our presidents. Her interview with Ellen is the sweetest and it is so awesome to see girls like her embracing their confidence and smarts! 

Is it summer yet? Although we still have a few months to go, I couldn't help but share this. Usually DIYs never turn out as cute as the picture, but this one actually looks fairly easy to create. You can find the step by step instructions here.

I just love this. And not only because it's Eleanor Roosevelt's super classy way of saying "yolo", but because it is so true. After all, there we will never experience this same exact moment in this same exact stage of life again. That fact is one of the most beautiful things  and also kind of the scariest. Such a great reminder to live every second of the day with purpose and confidence and kindness. 

I hope you've been having a wonderful week. Again, thank you for any tips for battling homework distraction! Have you come across any lovely links lately?

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