Ready for Spring


The transition from winter to spring can be tricky. This time of year I’m done with dark winter hues, but find super bright colors way too summery, which is why I’m loving Julep right now. Julep’s makeup and nail polishes are all so fresh and cheery. Along with my iced coffee and cozy sweaters, I think I may have just discovered my new favorite beauty look for spring!

When Mandy and I each won the Nailed It! polish set from Lemon Stripes and Julep, we were so excited to receive and and try out every color. Then this little box of happiness arrived, the excitement level rose about a thousand levels. Along with the cutest packaging and a handwritten note, Julep threw in a few more awesome beauty products. I feel extra confident whenever I wear the makeup and I swear these polishes never chip!  Needless to say, I am impressed. 

Aren't these colors so gorgeous? I love Rae and Monaco, but I can’t decide which polish is my favorite. It honestly seems like I switch them up every other day! Which Julep colors are your favorite? 

photos by Bill Payne 

Be sure to check out Mandy’s post on her favorite polish. She is cute as ever! 

Thank you so much Lemon Stripes and Julep for the fun products!