On My Way to UCLA!


If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed my big announcement last week! I will be joining the Class of 2019 at University of California, Los Angeles and could not be more excited! I learned so much about myself and the college admissions process this year, so I thought I'd share a few of the biggest lessons: I learned that pressing that submit button may feel like the scariest thing you've ever done. I learned that it's possible to write eleven different versions of the same essay. Most importantly, I learned that hard work pays off. 

I am a perfectionist. Often when I view something as imperfect, I want to give up and move on to something I know I'll succeed at. Embracing my imperfections is something I'm really working on, hence my blog's name. The college admissions process is a special kind of torture for people like me. You do your absolute best, but at the end of the day you are completely out of control. In fact, it feels like you have a big question mark hanging over your head for the majority of senior year. When I was accepted to UCLA, I could not believe it. I screamed and danced around my living room and still haven't stopped smiling about it. Throughout my four years of high school I dreamed about going to UCLA, and for four years I also recognized that there was a huge possibility I'd be rejected. But sometimes faith works and dreams come true and hard work pays off. All the uncertainty of college admissions is nothing compared to the feeling of ending up exactly where you're meant to be. 

Meeting my future roommate, Jamie, for the first time! We randomly found each other on Facebook and matched up on every. single. question. of the compatibility quiz. If our daily rants about Grey's Anatomy, dorm room planning, and ugly snapchats are any indication of how next year together will be, I'd say it's going to be pretty wonderful!

 photos by Bill Payne

Being on campus at Bruin Day sealed the deal for me. UCLA feels like the perfect fit; a place I can see myself being comfortable yet challenged. That combined with the academics, school spirit, and the fact that James Franco (ahhh!!) is a professor made it impossible to say no! Right now I am undeclared, but I plan to major in communications with a double minor in journalism and film. I can't wait for this new chapter of life and to see what my future holds at UCLA. So proud to be a Bruin!

Blue Hues for Easter


photos by Jay Dixon

Happy Easter! Though it may be raining, nothing can take away the sunshine from this day! Easter Sunday is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons, one being that its an excuse to get dressed up! This year I'm going slightly out of the norm. Instead of pastels, I'm opting for a bold and bright shift dress. I love the blue hues, the fit, and the lace details on the hem and sleeves. Not to mention, this shift perfectly hides the unavoidable food baby that all those Easter treats will bring!  

I am so excited to spend today brunching, Easter egg hunting, and most importantly, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is risen! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!