My two favorite Ben's: the brother and the clock! 

Outfit Details: top//jacket//pants//sandals//sun glasses 

The parks in this city were the most beautiful I'd ever seen. It felt like there was one on every corner! 

The Tower Bridge, not the London Bridge, as we were surprised to learn! Please tell me that I'm not the only person who thought this was called London Bridge all my life?! 

On the lawn of Westminster Abbey (aka where Will and Kate got married aka my mom and I were freaking out aka this called for an impromptu photo shoot). 

Hands down my favorite shoes for traveling. I picked these Tory Burch espadrille sandals up before our trip, and could not recommend them enough! I walked around all day and my feet weren't sore at all. 

I'm not sure if it was the jet lag or just the sheer amount of things we did in such little time, but London was an absolute whirlwind. Two days went by in the blink of an eye, and it was definitely one of those cities I would be perfectly happy coming back and spending weeks in. Since it was our first time there, seeing all the touristy sites was a must. Our first day, we arrived around noon and decided to walk all the way from the top of Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace, which was a great way to get a feel for the city. Day two was our busy day. In order to see all the sites, we hopped on the double decker site seeing bus! I know its so touristy, but whenever I'm in a new city, the first thing I want to do is hop on one of those obnoxious busses! Doing that was perfect for us because we saw all the important sites like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey, but still had the freedom to get on and off at the different stops around the city when we wanted to venture out. Speaking of that, story time! On the flight to London, my family sat by the nicest guy from London. He made us a hand drawn map of all the best things to do and see. Thanks to him, we ventured into Hyde Park, The Breakfast Club, and a 600 year old pub, which ended up being our favorite places! Thanks to our friend on the plane, I feel like we were able to jam the best sites, restaurants, and experiences of London into our two day stay. Next stop, Paris! 

PS- If you're ever in the UK, go to Millie's Cookies and order the Toffee Chocolate, it may be the best decision of your life. Not kidding, it was the most insanely delicious cookie I've ever had! 

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