Madeline & Company


photos by Bill Payne 

Back to school season just got even better! When I met Madeline, I was so inspired her kindness, creativity, and passion. She wanted to design a backpack with equal parts style and functionality, and she did just that. It has plenty of room and a square base so the bag always stays upright. How smart is that? And because it's so spacious, it will be great for weekend trips home too! I went straight for the navy with blue and gold since it matches UCLA's colors, but there are so many other cute color combos too! What I love most is how each backpack has a unique quote. I have a feeling that I will really appreciate the reminder that "nothing is impossible"... especially during midterms and finals! 

I've raved about the bags, and now I have to rave about the girl behind the brand! How amazing that she spent the summer before her senior year bringing her passions to life and starting her own business? Keep Madeline on your radar, because this girl is going places. She even plans on launching a  clothing and gift line this winter! 

Be sure to check out Madeline & Company and use the code "practicallyimperfect" for free shipping!  

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