Staying Healthy in College


Remember last year's healthy living series? Well this year's comes from a great friend and inspiration! Maria Marlowe is a holistic health coach based in NYC and has inspired me to get back to healthy habits! Sticking to my nutrition and fitness goals has definitely been a challenge since moving to college. My days are often so busy and stressful that when I get to the dining hall, I think "I deserve this junk food". Although we all need a break once in a while, I realized that I've been falling into a bad health routine. Maria made me realize that I my body deserves to treated like gold. I am so excited that Maria is here to share her wisdom on forming healthy habits in college! 

Staying Healthy in College 
Guest Post by Maria Marlowe

Keep a Routine
With anything, consistency is key! It’s very common for us to use the excuse, “I don’t have time”, but if you don’t have time for something, that just simply means it is not a priority. We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s your priorities that determine what you do with them. If something is important to you make time for it. And while you may have to drag yourself to exercise the first 3-4 weeks, once you get in the habit of it, it will become second nature. Schedule things into your calendar (even your bedtime if you have a tendency to be a night owl!), and stick to them as you would a class (you wouldn’t not show up just because you didn’t feel like it).

Keep Healthy Snacks in Dorm 
We have all been hangry at one point or another and then eaten anything in sight. It’s important to have healthy snacks on hand in the dorm room to ensure you don’t experience either of those scenarios. Some of the best choices include coconut smiles (dried coconut chips), date rolls (dates rolled in coconut), raw or sprouted nuts and seeds, and seaweed snacks. You can find lots of healthy snacks at a fraction of the price at Thrive Market.

Find a Buddy 
Having a partner in crime (or health) can make all the difference whether you reach your goals or throw in the towel too soon. Having someone to hold you accountable makes it much more likely you stick it out to the end. Plus, it’s more fun to embark on a new endeavor with someone than doing it on your own. In fact, after coaching people one on one for years, that’s why I launched a group program. I found that when I got a group of people together, they started feeding off each other’s energy and really stepping up, more so than they would have on their own. 

Shop Healthy on a Budget 
There are some great resources for shopping healthy on a budget. Shop the bulk section of your grocery store, purchase packaged goods online, shop the local farmers market, or even sign up for a CSA box of fresh fruit or veggiesFarmers market produce doesn’t even compare to what you find at the grocery in terms of taste or nutrition, and you can often find it cheaper if you do your research. Also, when thinking about food, instead of asking why healthy stuff is so expensive, ask why is junk food so cheap. We have more than enough scientific evidence to prove the impact food has on nearly every aspect of our lives: our weight, our skin, our mood, immunity, productivity, and even cancer risk. There is a great saying, “you can either pay the farmer now, or the doctor later”. So, think of healthy eating as an investment!

You can find delicious, healthy recipes and nutrition tips on Maria's blog and follow her on Instagram for gorgeous food photos, restaurant recommendations, and healthy inspiration

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