Most Joyful Moments of 2016


This Moment {view the blog post} 

Canada with Family {view the blog post} 

Disneyland Girls Trip

This View

Larry King {watch my episode here} 

Adventures in LA

Cozumel {view the blog post} 

This Sunset {that's me in the kayak!}

Reuniting with My Best Friend in North Carolina {view the blog post} 

New Friendships {view the blog post} 

Sailing the San Francisco Bay {watch the video} 

Filming Thirteen Reasons Why

Theta Formal

Reuniting with My Best Friend Pt. 2 {This Time in California}

When I was reflecting on memories and photos from 2016, I realized that my most joyful times were spent with others. We're all different, but I know that I personally am most filled up when I spend time pouring into life with others. I am filled with gratitude for these moments and people that made 2016 a year of adventure, growth, and joy.  I hope your New Year is spent with the ones you love. Happy 2017! 

Gift Guide: Christmas 2016


Well, here it is friends! I couldn't stop myself from making my 2016 holiday gift guide even though I 100% should be studying for finals. I've been making a gift guide each year since I started Practically Imperfect three years ago, so I just had to uphold the time honored tradition! After scouring the internet, these are my personal favorite picks this season. At the very top of my list is this jacket, this scarf, and this notebook set. You can shop all of these items using the links above or the fancy little feature below. 'Tis the season (and back to studying I go)! 


UCLA Room Tour


Well it only took me a few months to get this room tour posted! I wasn't totally planning on doing one since much of my room is filled with the same decor as last year, but I feel like it's all tied together so much better this year! I'm living in my sorority house, and let me tell you, it is a million times more homey and happy than living in the dorms. And these photos are such a testament to that. If you look through last year's room tour, you can see that I tried so hard to add my personality, but at the end of the day, it was still a teeny tiny dorm room. Now my room is always so bright and welcoming. When I moved in and set up all my stuff, it was easy to instantly feel at home! 

Update: I've gotten some questions on what I'm wearing in this post, so here it is! glasses  // sweater // jeans

Little White Dress


dress c/o // earrings (similar and another $7 pair!)

To be quite honest, I was not feeling this whole look while we were shooting it. We were in a rush and loosing light, so I threw together each of these pieces, changed in the car, and didn’t even stop to check my makeup. Looking back, I'm really happy with how they turned out! The sun was setting and the perfect twilight contrasted the white dress perfectly.

I’ve also learned a few things about my personal style lately: a high neck like this can be super feminine and flattering, I think I'm finally starting to get a hang of the whole “formal ponytail” thing, and some dressy looks dont have to be super elaborate to be beautiful. I think this whole look is very simple and that’s what makes it so great. The fact that I threw it together in the car seconds (literally) before we starting shooting is just an even bigger testament to that!


Slouchy Sweater


photos by Lauren Kim

When Lauren came over to my sorority house to shoot some fun projects, we had a little extra time and decided to throw an outfit post together just for fun. As much as I love super dressed up and polished outfit posts, this right here is pretty spot as far as my everyday style goes. In fact, I have definitely worn this exact outfit to class way more times than I care to admit! There's just something so cozy about a top knot and a slouchy sweater. We shot these in the courtyard of my sorority house, and honestly these pictures made me think about how easy it is to look without really seeing. Every single day I walk by this courtyard but fail to appreciate how beautiful it is. It took Lauren's beautiful eye for photography to say, "Hey, this is pretty! Let's shoot out here!" Anyway, it was just a sweet reminder to look at things with new eyes every once in a while. Hope you're having a lovely fall day! 


Hello November


Hello November! I love that this time of year exists for so many reasons... sweaters, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, you name it. The leaves and the air are crisper, and I'm as happy as can be about it. I'm back home in Northern California for a few days, and being here makes me appreciate how we actually get to experience seasons. In LA, 90% of the time it is sunny and 70 degrees. I'm not complaining about the perfect weather, but to be honest I kind of forgot how much I love the chilly fall air and seeing bright orange leaves on ground until I got back home. When we shot these outfit photos a few weeks ago, the leaves were just beginning to fall and it was still pretty warm outside. Now, it's so chilly outside that I think I'd have to add a jacket to this look! I loved piecing together this little outfit. I started with this gorgeous blue skirt. It is so feminine and flattering (and it's under $25!). Then I added a simple white oxford, a straw hat, and bright lace up sandals. When we took these photos, I couldn't stop twirling around in this fun outfit through the leaves. I swear I felt like I was in a movie or something! There must be something magic in that fall air! 


Three Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Oh my gosh. It's Halloween! If you're like me and procrastinated until the very last second with this whole costume business, you're in luck! I don't know how I just discovered Studio DIY, but now that I have, I am completely on the cute-crafty bandwagon that the site is all about! These are my favorite easy costume ideas, but explore the website because there are SO MANY! Any guesses on which costume I picked? Well it just so happened that LA had a stormy forecast for the weekend, so the "It's Raining Men" costume couldn't have been more perfect! I did most of my spooky celebrating this past weekend because tonight I'll be driving back to Northern California (I'll share more on why I'm back in NorCal soon! Exciting reasons I promise!) I'm not going to lie that I'm kind of freaked out to be making the 8 hour drive alone on Halloween of all nights!

Sidenote: All throughout my childhood, my family went all out on Halloween. And by all out, I mean we would build a haunted house in our garage and have the whole neighborhood come through. And it wasn't a cute, spooky haunted house. It was a legit, scary, terrifying haunted house! That being said, I'm used to looking like a creepy-pale-possessed-zombie girl of some sort. I'm not really used to the whole idea of wearing a cute costume. But hey, these costume ideas make it fun to not be scary!