Highlight Reel


You know those experiences that just feel more special and meaningful as time goes on? Being featured in an article for The New York Times last September was an absolutely surreal experience. As I went through the process of being interviewed, photographed, and eventually seeing the article in print, I couldn't believe it. Only now is it setting in that I was in The New York Times. I recently received more photos from the article shoot, and looking through them gave me the chance to reflect once again on what an incredible experience it was. If you'd like to give the article a read, Alex Williams does a brilliant job. I was lucky enough to be part of his incredible piece on Generation Z. Definitely on my highlight reel of life so far!

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Galentine's Day




Hold up Valentine's Day... there's a new gal in town. Her name is Galentine's Day and she is super fun, always there for you, and oh so very lovable. Galentine's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible ladies in your life and show just how much you love them. While I was browsing Pinterest, these fun photos got me totally inspired to join in on the Galentine's Day fun! Have you ever celebrated Galentine's Day? 

PS: A fancy outfit for Valentine's Day and the perfect playlist that captures the love in the air! 

A Weekend In Toronto


Time for me to brag... A few weeks ago, my brother's hockey team made it the North American Finals. A big perk of being a hockey sister is getting to tag along to some pretty incredible places! So for MLK weekend, my whole family headed to Toronto, Canada. The three-day weekend was filled with lots of hockey games and a trip to Niagara Falls! No one in my family had been to Toronto before, and boy it did not disappoint; definitely one of the coolest cities I have ever been to. 

 One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the historic Distillery District. The original brick structure was converted to hold dozens of unique shops and restaurants. The shopping was incredible, but one of my favorite spots in the Distillery was Cluny Bistro (pictured above); such a cool atmosphere and the most authentic French food!

 Our frequent stops at Tim Hortons for donuts and coffee were another highlight of the trip. Not even ashamed to admit that we stopped there at least once a day! 

 Niagara Falls was simply stunning. If you can brave the freezing temperatures, I absolutely recommend visiting in the winter. During offseason, you basically have The Falls to yourself! Our quick trip to Toronto was so much fun! I am already dreaming of going back and getting to see more of the city! Have you even been to Toronto?  

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Coffee Date


One of my favorite things about being at UCLA is how many incredibly talented and creative people I am constantly surrounded by. When saw Tia's incredible photos, we decided to head to explore our neighborhood and snap a few photos along the way. There are so many awesome places within walking distance of campus, but Profeta is one of my favorites. There is no other place I'd rather go broke buying $4 cappuccinos! 

This outfit *had been* perfect for the winter weather in LA. Up until Monday, it had actually been somewhat chilly. Now the temperatures are back in the high 80's and I am missing the days when I could bundle up in this cozy poncho and enjoy a hot coffee. I love the simple layers of this outfit and the sparkly touch that these earrings add. I do love the warmer weather, but wish we could've had a bit more of a winter before returning back to the sunny and warm days! Hopefully it will cool back down so I have an excuse to wear this outfit again! 

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Hey Nike!


Hey Nike, 
Your shoes are super cool and make me feel like a rockstar. Consider this post my official request to model your shoes. 
xo, Hannah 

Okay, now for what I actually have to share with you lovely people today. I haven't really talked about modeling here on the blog. It is something I kind of fell into. I always knew I wanted to act, and when I got my first agent at age nine, I was signed for both modeling and acting. I started working a lot; shooting at fun locations, getting dressed up, making friends, and having PURE FUN. As a little kid, my experience with modeling was nothing but confidence boosting! 

As a junior higher, I was basically a 5'7'' string bean, and I started to feel this shift from lifestyle ads to more high fashion stuff. I remember being at a casting when I was fourteen and being told that I needed to "stretch out." That was code for grow an inch and lose ten pounds. Doing that wasn't even a question in my mind. My mom and I walked out of the casting and she took me to go get french fries. Thankfully, I have an incredible, encouraging support system of my agents, family, and friends. After that experience, I fully embraced that God gave me a round face and real, actual hips. But I definitely became aware of my own insecurities. Modeling as a teen made me actively choose to feel confident. 

This shoot is one that I feel totally, completely, and wholly amazing in. Nike heels and a workout romper definitely aren't my usual fashion choices, but boy do I feel radiant and joyful and confident. Confidence is weird. I feel like the word is thrown around like the key ingredient to happiness and success. Yet when we post a selfie online or talk positively about our looks, we are negatively labeled as conceited. Well I am here to say, post that selfie! Wear clothes that make you feel like a rockstar. And talk about your beauty. Because you are so beautiful, on the inside and out. Have a spectacular, happy, and confident day!

PS: My source of inspiration and more shoots by Jay Dixon here, here, and here

Looking Back // Moving Forward

Well, hello there! It sure has been a while! I took a little break from blogging and I couldn't be happier to be back. This past month has been an incredible time to reset and simply enjoy moments. These first experiences and memories of 2016 set the year off to an incredible start, and I cannot wait to see that the rest of the year holds. 2015 was a big year for me. I traveled to India, graduated high schoolbegan my life in college, and was even featured in the New York TimesI cannot wait to see all the adventure and opportunity to come in 2016. To catch you up, here is what my winter has been all about so far...

Visting my favorite coffee shop near campus approximately 8497350 times and shooting with Tia at said favorite coffee shop (more photos to come!).

Going home for the holidays. Decking the halls. Sleeping in my own bed. Reuniting with my best friends from home. And watching Star Wars not once, but twice! There is nothing like the feeling of returning back to family, friends, and familiarity.

Going on roomie adventures and exploring more of LA! 

Heading to Canada over MLK weekend with my family. 

Teaming up with Coca Cola to share their #TasteTheFeeling campaign! 

Celebrating my sweet Grammie's birthday at The Happiest Place on Earth! 

Getting fancy for a sorority formal. 

Shooting with Aliana, Tia, and Kinsley! I couldn't wait to share a proof from this past weekend! A bunch of us UCLA creatives came together for this shoot and I cannot wait to share it very soon! 

And there you have it! A little life update and a few goals for the future. I think it is so good to reflect back on experiences so that you can learn and grow for the future. I've been working on my 20 by 20 list and my word for this year is intentional. I want to be more intentional with my time, relationships, academics, and with myself in general. I hope to carry the incredible experiences and lessons from last year into 2016, living life with passion, joy, and intention. So happy to be back to blogging and thank you so very much for stopping by Practically Imperfect. Happy Tuesday!