A Weekend In Toronto


Time for me to brag... A few weeks ago, my brother's hockey team made it the North American Finals. A big perk of being a hockey sister is getting to tag along to some pretty incredible places! So for MLK weekend, my whole family headed to Toronto, Canada. The three-day weekend was filled with lots of hockey games and a trip to Niagara Falls! No one in my family had been to Toronto before, and boy it did not disappoint; definitely one of the coolest cities I have ever been to. 

 One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting the historic Distillery District. The original brick structure was converted to hold dozens of unique shops and restaurants. The shopping was incredible, but one of my favorite spots in the Distillery was Cluny Bistro (pictured above); such a cool atmosphere and the most authentic French food!

 Our frequent stops at Tim Hortons for donuts and coffee were another highlight of the trip. Not even ashamed to admit that we stopped there at least once a day! 

 Niagara Falls was simply stunning. If you can brave the freezing temperatures, I absolutely recommend visiting in the winter. During offseason, you basically have The Falls to yourself! Our quick trip to Toronto was so much fun! I am already dreaming of going back and getting to see more of the city! Have you even been to Toronto?  

PS: My another fun weekend adventure and my favorite trip I've ever taken

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