Coffee Date


One of my favorite things about being at UCLA is how many incredibly talented and creative people I am constantly surrounded by. When saw Tia's incredible photos, we decided to head to explore our neighborhood and snap a few photos along the way. There are so many awesome places within walking distance of campus, but Profeta is one of my favorites. There is no other place I'd rather go broke buying $4 cappuccinos! 

This outfit *had been* perfect for the winter weather in LA. Up until Monday, it had actually been somewhat chilly. Now the temperatures are back in the high 80's and I am missing the days when I could bundle up in this cozy poncho and enjoy a hot coffee. I love the simple layers of this outfit and the sparkly touch that these earrings add. I do love the warmer weather, but wish we could've had a bit more of a winter before returning back to the sunny and warm days! Hopefully it will cool back down so I have an excuse to wear this outfit again! 

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  1. These photos are adorable! I wish it was the 80's where I lived, though. Super jealous!
    -Anna /