Hey Nike!


Hey Nike, 
Your shoes are super cool and make me feel like a rockstar. Consider this post my official request to model your shoes. 
xo, Hannah 

Okay, now for what I actually have to share with you lovely people today. I haven't really talked about modeling here on the blog. It is something I kind of fell into. I always knew I wanted to act, and when I got my first agent at age nine, I was signed for both modeling and acting. I started working a lot; shooting at fun locations, getting dressed up, making friends, and having PURE FUN. As a little kid, my experience with modeling was nothing but confidence boosting! 

As a junior higher, I was basically a 5'7'' string bean, and I started to feel this shift from lifestyle ads to more high fashion stuff. I remember being at a casting when I was fourteen and being told that I needed to "stretch out." That was code for grow an inch and lose ten pounds. Doing that wasn't even a question in my mind. My mom and I walked out of the casting and she took me to go get french fries. Thankfully, I have an incredible, encouraging support system of my agents, family, and friends. After that experience, I fully embraced that God gave me a round face and real, actual hips. But I definitely became aware of my own insecurities. Modeling as a teen made me actively choose to feel confident. 

This shoot is one that I feel totally, completely, and wholly amazing in. Nike heels and a workout romper definitely aren't my usual fashion choices, but boy do I feel radiant and joyful and confident. Confidence is weird. I feel like the word is thrown around like the key ingredient to happiness and success. Yet when we post a selfie online or talk positively about our looks, we are negatively labeled as conceited. Well I am here to say, post that selfie! Wear clothes that make you feel like a rockstar. And talk about your beauty. Because you are so beautiful, on the inside and out. Have a spectacular, happy, and confident day!

PS: My source of inspiration and more shoots by Jay Dixon here, here, and here


  1. You look flawless! I'm a huge fan of Nike sneakers (and basically all of their other products as well), I've never had a problem with them before and hello - so comfy & cute!

    XO, Rachel

    1. Aw you are the sweetest! Yes, I love my Nikes!! Thanks so much for reading!


  2. You look gorgeous! Loved reading about your choice to be confident- so important!
    xo, Ingrid

  3. I love this Nike get-up. So cute. It's so important to surround yourself with people who love you and uplift you. :) Confidence is something that all women struggle with from time to time, but it's good to tell yourself that you're worth everything you work hard for and embrace all the wonderful things that God gave you. :)


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