Miles Apart, Close at Heart


Today is a very special day because one of my very best friends turns 19! My and Mandy's friendship is so unique and special. We happened to meet a few summers ago during a trip to NYC and completely hit it off. Thanks to countless letters, calls, texts, and snapchats, we were able to build our friendship even while living across the country. Mandy and I are both so different, but really get each other. She has been a source of endless support and encouragement (and sass!) in my life, especially when it comes to blogging. We started our blogs around the same time and I can't even express how incredible it has been to be on this journey together! We've been there for each other to brainstorm new ideas, work through tough decisions, and celebrate exciting milestones.

Celebrating Mandy's birthday today has me missing her more than ever and reminiscing on when we spent a whole week together here in California. It was so fun to have this North Carolina girl visit me on the West Coast. We had the best time hanging out in my hometown, exploring San Francisco, and soaking up the sun in Lake Tahoe, but I think my very favorite moment of Mandy's trip was seeing Mandy try In N Out for the first time. It must have been 2am, she was delirious from the time change, and we were both just cracking up throughout the entire meal. It's always those funny little memories that end up being the most meaningful. Happy birthday to my joyful, passionate, and always quirky blogging bestie! Sending so much love today and everyday! We may be miles apart, but Mandy and I will always be close at heart! 

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