Three Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Oh my gosh. It's Halloween! If you're like me and procrastinated until the very last second with this whole costume business, you're in luck! I don't know how I just discovered Studio DIY, but now that I have, I am completely on the cute-crafty bandwagon that the site is all about! These are my favorite easy costume ideas, but explore the website because there are SO MANY! Any guesses on which costume I picked? Well it just so happened that LA had a stormy forecast for the weekend, so the "It's Raining Men" costume couldn't have been more perfect! I did most of my spooky celebrating this past weekend because tonight I'll be driving back to Northern California (I'll share more on why I'm back in NorCal soon! Exciting reasons I promise!) I'm not going to lie that I'm kind of freaked out to be making the 8 hour drive alone on Halloween of all nights!

Sidenote: All throughout my childhood, my family went all out on Halloween. And by all out, I mean we would build a haunted house in our garage and have the whole neighborhood come through. And it wasn't a cute, spooky haunted house. It was a legit, scary, terrifying haunted house! That being said, I'm used to looking like a creepy-pale-possessed-zombie girl of some sort. I'm not really used to the whole idea of wearing a cute costume. But hey, these costume ideas make it fun to not be scary! 

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