Travel Diary: Cozumel 2016


Now that the new site is up, I'm finally getting to share this little video I made of our trip to Cozumel! If you didn't know, the Payne fam traveled to Cozumel, Mexico this past summer and it was one of our favorite trips ever! I've written tons of posts on our trip, including a list of my travel essentials, outfits I wore on the trip, and a guide of exactly how to spend a week in Cozumel with my favorite restaurants, shops, and beaches! Making this video has me a) wishing it was summer and not midterm season and b) wanting to hop on a plane back to Cozumel this very second! 

PS: Thank you so much for every kind word, comment, or sweet text about the relaunch of Practically Imperfect! It meant so much to have your encouragement yesterday! My day was filled with lots of smiling and happy dancing, that's for sure! 

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