Slouchy Sweater


photos by Lauren Kim

When Lauren came over to my sorority house to shoot some fun projects, we had a little extra time and decided to throw an outfit post together just for fun. As much as I love super dressed up and polished outfit posts, this right here is pretty spot as far as my everyday style goes. In fact, I have definitely worn this exact outfit to class way more times than I care to admit! There's just something so cozy about a top knot and a slouchy sweater. We shot these in the courtyard of my sorority house, and honestly these pictures made me think about how easy it is to look without really seeing. Every single day I walk by this courtyard but fail to appreciate how beautiful it is. It took Lauren's beautiful eye for photography to say, "Hey, this is pretty! Let's shoot out here!" Anyway, it was just a sweet reminder to look at things with new eyes every once in a while. Hope you're having a lovely fall day! 

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