UCLA Room Tour


Well it only took me a few months to get this room tour posted! I wasn't totally planning on doing one since much of my room is filled with the same decor as last year, but I feel like it's all tied together so much better this year! I'm living in my sorority house, and let me tell you, it is a million times more homey and happy than living in the dorms. And these photos are such a testament to that. If you look through last year's room tour, you can see that I tried so hard to add my personality, but at the end of the day, it was still a teeny tiny dorm room. Now my room is always so bright and welcoming. When I moved in and set up all my stuff, it was easy to instantly feel at home! 

Update: I've gotten some questions on what I'm wearing in this post, so here it is! glasses  // sweater // jeans


  1. i'm just now seeing this, love it! I want to do a sorority room tour too once I move rooms at semester---let's just say my current roommates and i don't exactly have coordinating styles ;)
    xo, hannah

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