Most Joyful Moments of 2016


This Moment {view the blog post} 

Canada with Family {view the blog post} 

Disneyland Girls Trip

This View

Larry King {watch my episode here} 

Adventures in LA

Cozumel {view the blog post} 

This Sunset {that's me in the kayak!}

Reuniting with My Best Friend in North Carolina {view the blog post} 

New Friendships {view the blog post} 

Sailing the San Francisco Bay {watch the video} 

Filming Thirteen Reasons Why

Theta Formal

Reuniting with My Best Friend Pt. 2 {This Time in California}

When I was reflecting on memories and photos from 2016, I realized that my most joyful times were spent with others. We're all different, but I know that I personally am most filled up when I spend time pouring into life with others. I am filled with gratitude for these moments and people that made 2016 a year of adventure, growth, and joy.  I hope your New Year is spent with the ones you love. Happy 2017! 

Gift Guide: Christmas 2016


Well, here it is friends! I couldn't stop myself from making my 2016 holiday gift guide even though I 100% should be studying for finals. I've been making a gift guide each year since I started Practically Imperfect three years ago, so I just had to uphold the time honored tradition! After scouring the internet, these are my personal favorite picks this season. At the very top of my list is this jacket, this scarf, and this notebook set. You can shop all of these items using the links above or the fancy little feature below. 'Tis the season (and back to studying I go)!