Most Joyful Moments of 2016


This Moment {view the blog post} 

Canada with Family {view the blog post} 

Disneyland Girls Trip

This View

Larry King {watch my episode here} 

Adventures in LA

Cozumel {view the blog post} 

This Sunset {that's me in the kayak!}

Reuniting with My Best Friend in North Carolina {view the blog post} 

New Friendships {view the blog post} 

Sailing the San Francisco Bay {watch the video} 

Filming Thirteen Reasons Why

Theta Formal

Reuniting with My Best Friend Pt. 2 {This Time in California}

When I was reflecting on memories and photos from 2016, I realized that my most joyful times were spent with others. We're all different, but I know that I personally am most filled up when I spend time pouring into life with others. I am filled with gratitude for these moments and people that made 2016 a year of adventure, growth, and joy.  I hope your New Year is spent with the ones you love. Happy 2017! 

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