20 By 20 Update

Remember last year when I made a list of goals right after a turned 19? Well now that a year has passed and I've turned twenty, I figured it was time to update you on my progress! I'm proud to say that I reached quite a few of my 20 By 20 goals by my deadline, and I'm here with photo evidence! I also want to add that I'm not giving up on the goals I didn't reach by my twentieth birthday. I'm going to keep striving toward them! 

I'll start with the goals I didn't reach... 
  • Make a daily habit of reading my Bible. I definitely improved, but still wouldnt say making time to  read my bible is part of my everyday routine. 
  • Make a photo book for high school. 
  • Be on time. I would say I improved.. slightly. Definitely still not an "on time" or "five minutes early" type of gal. 
  • Start singing again. 
  • Start investing my money. 
  • Read 20 books.  I may not have quite hit my goal of reading 20, but I definitely improved and made more time to read just for fun! A few of my favorites were The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper, the Nanny Diaries, and (OF COURSE) Thirteen Reasons Why.
  • Go completely unplugged for a weekend. 
  • Go to bed by 11pm for a month. 
  • Tackle my procrastination. 

Now for the goals I reached on my 20 By 20 list.. 
  • Watch the sunrise. Woke up at 4am to hike to the Hollywood Sign and catch the sunrise! 

  • Take a class just for fun. Calligraphy, floral arranging, cappuccino making, or maybe all three! Floral arranging with my sweet momma at La Fluer

  • Vote in the presidential election. This year, election day fell right after my birthday. So this was completed soon after I turned twenty. 

  • Be more generous. With my time, with compliments, with shared moments, with laughs. This isn't something you can quantifiably measure, but I sure do hope that this year was filled with more generosity. 

  • Do the Hollywood Sign hike. Done! And here's a picture and a blog post to prove it! 

  • Go on a road trip with friends. What's better than long drives with great friends (and pit stops for coffee of course)? Mandy and I drove through North and South Carolina, then hopped on a train DC! What an adventure. 

  • Embrace my imperfections. Self love. It's important. Though this blog's motto may be to embrace the perfectly imperfect moments of life, its definitely something that I struggle with. This was a growing year in this department for sure, and I hope that growth will continue as time goes on. 

  • Travel to a new country. Before this past summer, I had never been to Mexico! 

  • Go to a live taping of a show. I didnt exactly sit in the audience for a live taping like I intended when I wrote this goal, but I was in one instead, which is even better! Here is my interview on Larry King Now!

  • Get an internship. I had a fashion PR internship at an awesome firm in Downtown LA during spring quarter of my freshman year at UCLA!

  • Spread joy. I hope that my actions here on Practically Imperfect and in life helped make each day a little more joyful! 

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