Got It From My Mama


My sweet mama is too cute for words sometimes! I took these photos on a chilly (more like freezing) weekend when we were exploring Toronto. She claims to be so shy in front of the camera, but I don't know what she's talking about. She's a natural! I love her sense of style, and honestly, she's more trendy than I am 99% of the time! Often the outfits I put together on the blog are stolen right from her closet. We actually joke that whenever we go shopping, she has the "vision" since my style tends to be more traditional.  She always ends up buying something I'm not a big fan of in the store, but then end up loving when it ends up in her closet! So if you like the outfits you see here on Practically Imperfect, it's most likely thanks to Mama Jenn! 

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