Phonetic Eyewear


This is what I really look like when I work. Perfect hair pulled up in a bun, perfect posture, perfectly made bed, and all. Ha! Just kidding. I really do most of my work from my bed, but I'm usually buried under a heaping pile of blankets, snacks, and stress. The one thing that I swear by when I'm working is my pair of Phoenetic Eyewear  glasses. They are made to filter out the blue light from tech screens and relieve digital eye strain. And you guys, they really work. When I got to college and started spending even more time sitting in front of a screen, two things happened. My eye sight got even worse (I'm already naturally blind) and my eyes starting aching from the strain. How brilliant are these glasses that filter out all of the harmful and painful rays? And they are pretty good lookin' if I do say so myself! I picked the Shannon, but there are many great styles to choose from!  

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