Travel Diary: West Coast Road Trip


When Mandy surprised me with a trip to California over winter break, we immediately went into planning mode on how we'd spend our week together! I think people tend to think of California is sunshine and palm trees all year long, but winter on the North Coast is so beautiful and actually pretty chilly. We decided to spend a day in Downtown Sacramento, two days in the San Francisco bay, and three days in a little town called Fort Bragg. I've been going up to Fort Bragg since I was little, so it was so awesome to spend the weekend in my favorite little seaside town with my friends. Since we were going nonstop during her trip, the week turned into a little road trip all around NorCal! It was SO FUN. Also a little fun fact, two hours after I dropped Mandy for her flight back to North Carolina, I took a little trip to the ER and ended up having emergency surgery for a case of acute appendicitis! I like to think that our week together was filled with so much adventure, fun, and busyness that my body decided it needed a nice little rest! Thank goodness for sweet friends, family, and Netflix movies that filled the rest of my winter break!

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