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Your Name Is: Hannah Payne
You Live In: LA
Your Instagram Theme/Aesthetic In 3 Words: bright, colorful, cheerful
Favorite Disney Character: Mary Poppins (hence my blog's name!)
Go-To Coffee Order: lately, a cold brew with almond milk and no sweetener
Your Theme Song Is: "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles

When did you start acting and what inspired you to pursue it in college?
I started acting when I was seven years old doing community theater. Balancing school and a career is something I've done for most of my life, and I didnt see why that had to change as I transitioned to UCLA.

What prompted you to audition for 13 Reasons Why?
Weeks before auditioning for Stephanie, I actually got called in to audition for a different character. Later when I got a second call from casting for 13 Reasons, this time for Stephanie, I was definitely excited!

Who is your character on the show and what can you tell us about her? Are you similar in any ways?
I play Stephanie, one of Courtney's best friends. Courtney is one of the reasons why and is a much more complicated version of your typical mean girl. Stephanie isn't the brightest person, which definitely adds a little lightness to a pretty heavy show.

What were your filming hours like and how did you manage it while still in school?
The bulk of my scenes are in episode five, which shot during the summer. Days were long, but I loved every second of it! I am my most joyful, fulfilled, and passionate when I'm working on set, and shooting 13 Reasons just affirmed that this is the direction I want my life to go.

What are you most excited for when the show comes out on Netflix?
This show isn't your typical teen series. It talks about heavy, yet incredibly relevant issues. I am so proud to be even a small part of a conversation that so desperately needs to be talked about.

You wear a lot of hats as a student, blogger, actor, and model! How do all those things fit together? 
Honestly, by embracing that it's impossible to have a "perfect" balance. It can be crazy at times, but following these passions is the most beautiful kind of crazy!

While shooting, what was the hardest thing you encountered?
 Haha. Funny story. A few days before I booked 13RY, I happened to break my foot. Obviously I didn't wear the boot or crutches while filming, so between takes I was constantly icing and elevating my foot!

While shooting, what was the most rewarding thing that happened?
Getting called back to shoot another episode was definitely so gratifying and affirming.

After the show wrapped, what was the most rewarding thing that happened?
Meeting the author, Jay Asher, and getting to thank him for writing such a meaningful, important book.

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13 Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix

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