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What a crazy story I have about this top + the girl behind the brand! As I was emailing back and forth with the designer of Mythology Clothing for our upcoming collaboration, I thought her name sounded familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint it. Then, when I got this beautiful crop top sent to me with a return address to my tiny hometown of all places and knew that I had to know this girl. After some mild Facebook stalking, it turns out that we met back in 5th grade! Madeline went on to go start her own clothing line and I went on to start a fashion blog. The odds that we would be reconnected in this way are so cool and one in a million! I thought I'd share a bit more about Madeline + her incredible clothing line. You can check out her interview below and then head to her site to see a little profile on me! Also, Mythology is offering 10% off during their opening week (4/17-4/22) with the code FIRST10. 

How did you first become interested in fashion design? 
My mom taught me to sew when I was very young. I remember when I was about 5 I would sit on her lap at the sewing machine (because I couldn’t reach the pedal) and we would sew together. I think the first thing I ever made was a super simple belt to go with a costume for a girl in our school play. I was so proud seeing my creation on stage. After that I was coming up with all kinds of ideas for things I wanted to wear.

Describe your personal style
My style seems to be ever evolving into something new. Lately I’m super into odd proportions that look somewhat awkward. One thing that has always been a part of my style is that clean and simplistic, or classic look. I typically stick with the less is more motto.

What's behind the name? How did it come to you? 
Mythology, to me is a word that encompasses other ideas like culture, community, and those aspects of life we share together. It is an idea that is very attractive to me. I’ve known I want the brand to celebrate people’s stories and journeys through life, and Mythology just fit. Actually, I originally came up with the name when I was about 17. I think I was writing- working on a short story- and liked the idea (though it wasn’t fully developed). When I was at the point of needing a name it was one on the very long list. It ended up being the one that best described what I want this brand to be about.

Describe your design process
I believe that everything should be both beautiful and practical. That is always my goal in designing. Typically I take inspiration from the body’s natural shape and curve. I love the idea of molding a flat piece of fabric around a three-dimensional body. I want my designs to have that aspect of practicality to them as well. My ideas become more dynamic when I start looking at how that design works in everyday life. When I’m designing I think to myself, “I better be able to wear the dress all day long or it’s just not worth it.” We aren’t just still sculptures that stand there and look pretty, but we move- in some odd ways too. Creating something that doesn’t hinder that movement, and hopefully enhances it in some way is a beautiful challenge. My process is very internal. My best ideas are nearly fully developed in my head. In my imagination I’ll visualize the design and adjust different parts. I imagine what each pattern piece would look like and then I’ll imagine sewing it. I guess I go over each design three times: first in my imagination, once on paper, and then in fabric.

What is Mythology's mission? 
We strive to create intricate, inventive design, while producing in ways that better the earth. Our goal is to bring forth beauty in everything around us. And we believe that nothing can truly be beautiful if it causes harm. At Mythology Clothing our goal is to change the way clothing is made. We deeply care about this world and all of its inhabitants. So, our mission is to raise the standard of living without harming the environment. In order to achieve this we do things like using eco-friendly materials and natural dyes; adhere to fair trade regulations; give 10% to charity; and recycle and re-use materials. We are always looking for new ways to improve the ways we do things. Our goal is to reduce the stress on the environment while caring for the people who live in it.

What does it mean to create sustainable clothing? 
I think practicing gratefulness is always a great way to live and create sustainably. Sustainable clothing means creating clothing in ways that won’t leave us depleted. Making use of what we have is so important to sustainability. Something we are doing with the line of tops we have coming out is exactly that! We are taking textiles that were on their way to be tossed out from factories and surplus stores and making them into beautiful garments. Honestly there’s so much that goes into it. Anytime we look at sustainability we really should be looking at a fuller picture. To create sustainable clothing you have to create sustainable textiles. In order for that to happen you need sustainable fibers and farming processes and suddenly you’re looking at food shortage studies and how much water really goes into dying processes, and asking how much water should we be using? The list goes on. Making relationships with growers and mills that work on similar beliefs is so important! Going back to small scale production that isn’t so worried about pumping out product can be a huge game changer. And finding new ways to use the resources we already have can save the environment (and your wallet) a lot of hardship. Thankfully there has been a huge surge towards sustainability, which means a lot of great new research and ideas.

What is the next step for Mythology Clothing? 
We are launching our first garments on our website on April 17th! That is my birthday as well. Such a good way to celebrate! Right after that we are jumping into work for our fall collection. Summer hasn’t even started and I want to wear winter layers. The mind of a designer is a bit backwards that way. Between all the design work though, we are really trying to get the word out there and share with people what we’re doing.

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