What It's Like to be a UCLA Bruin


As college acceptances are starting to come out, I'm starting to get sentimental again about my own UCLA decision. I remember attending Bruin Day as a senior in high school with absolutely no idea which university I would even end up at. By the end of that day, I made the decision that would not only change the next four years of my life, but probably my life all together. (I wrote all about my UCLA decision in this post!) Now, I've been able to look back on the experiences had, memories made, and lessons learned within this first year of being a Bruin!

The Quarter System
Obviously, the main part of college is the academics. And UCLA is no joke. Instead of semesters, UCLA is separated into quarters. This basically means we have short, super intense 10 week learning periods instead of the standard semester. I personally have grown to love the quarter system since I am a very "all in" type of person, but at first it was a shock. I'm not going to lie, my first quarter was tough. But that adjustment period was necessary to grow and become a better student (and person).

Greek Life
A huge part of my experience in college has been in my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. I wasn't sure about the whole Greek life thing at first, but I decided to go in with an open mind and ended up in Theta. All I have to say is that trusting in the process of finding your house really does work. It has been the best experience. I definitely learned that your experience in a sorority is absolutely a reflection of what you put in to it. I have found the most genuine, fun, and supportive friendships through my sorority.

The Daily Bruin
Even in this big school, I've been able to share my voice and what makes me unique. After I was on Larry King's show, I was contacted for an interview.  It was so fun to do a story on my journey with blogging, modeling, acting, and being a student! On the day my article came out, I definitely grabbed a stack of newspapers to save forever!

My Faith
It has been so awesome to find friends through organizations like Cru and Greek Crossing, which is a ministry specifically geared toward UCLA's Greek community. Being surrounded by friends who are actively pursuing a relationship with the Lord and seeking community in Christ has built me up and challenged me like never before. And that wasn't something I really expected to find in college. Whether it's been in my dorm, sorority, or classes, God has been working. The challenges that I've faced this year have drawn me closer to Him and affirmed that God is so much joy and love and strength. College has truly been such a time of growth.

You are looking at one of UCLA's 2016-2017 BearWear models! I get to do what I love for the school that I love by modeling UCLA apparel. It's kind of funny to see myself when I visit the student store or get snapchats from my friends when they receive catalogue or newsletters. The BearWear posters are in the most random places on campus, so you might see a familiar face if you visit UCLA!

Being at a Huge School
I finally feel like I'm coming into my own on this campus. Trust me, it can be intimating to be just one of 43,000. It's easy to feel less like a person and more like a number. Though at times it can be difficult, but when you come to a big school, you also join a huge family of people to will support, encourage, and challenge you. To be a Bruin means to be part of a giant family. And I promise it gets less intimating. The other day, I ran into like 12 different I knew on the walk to class!

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  1. Did you have to submit an application to join the Daily Bruin?