Girl in Glasses


I posted this same outfit last week, but I took some photos wearing my favorite glasses and some without. If you didn't know, my eyesight is so terrible that I'm basically blind. I've been wearing contacts since the 6th grade, but it's fun to break out my glasses every once in a while. Especially now, since I received these glasses from Phonetic Eyewear last fall, I've been loving wearing my glasses! I love the boxy style and tortoise shell frames. 


Around the Neighborhood


Nothing like a pretty spring day to make a good Friday a great one! I loved getting to go out and shoot these photos with my friend, Hannah. Flowers were blooming on every corner and the sun was perfectly shining. Lately I've been going with simpler colors and styles. This top by Tobi has an edgier cut but feminine, light color. Plus it is currently the softest, most cozy shirt I own! Paired with my favorite new jeans, black fury jacket, and glasses, this outfit is one of my go to's for spring. 


PNW Road Trip

As I type this, I am watching waves crash against the shore from the porch of this little inn on the central coast of Oregon. What a weekend it's been. We started with a flight to Eugene and a hotel reservation. That was it. The following days were spontaneous and fun as my family zig zagged back home to California, with overnight stops in Portland and Yachats and countless stops along the way. In all, I think we drove over 18 hours, but taking the long way along the coast was absolutely worth it. Fog rolled down the mountains and collided with the sea spray, and we were caught right in the middle as we cruised along the 101. Here we're our favorite stops along the way: 

Marche Restaurant for a cozy French breakfast in the center of 5th St Market
Tailored Coffee Roasters for the best cup of sweet chai outside of India  
Valley River Inn for a homey stay and a pretty river view  
Board Restaurant for the perfect mix of comfort food and edgy recipes
University of Oregon for a peek into life on this legendary campus
Willamette River Trail for a brisk run or bike ride in the rain 

Hotel Lucia for a modern meets 1960s vibe right in the middle of downtown PDX! 
Powells City of Books for an endless maze of literature that will make any book lovers heart sing 
Bijou Cafe for a classic, truly delicious brunch (peep their $6 fresh squeezed OJ.. #worthit) 
Courier Coffee for pretty little lattes served in mason jars. I don't think it can any more Portland than that.  

Yachats Inn for a motel experience that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time. Complete with actual room keys, a VHS library, and names for each little beach bungalow. Almost every room has an ocean view and is steps away from the shore. 
Ona Restaurant for excellent Asian fusion seafood

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Jord Watches + $100 Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to be teaming up with JORD to share their gorgeous watches. What I love most about them is how unique the different wood pieces and bright watch faces are. I ended up picking the Cora in Zebrawood and Turquoise. I love how the light natural colors contrast with he bold and bright tea! Here are some of my other favorite styles: 

I'm also so happy to be giving away a $100 JORD gift card to one of my followers so you can get a watch of your own! To enter, just use the link below. It's a super quick process! Also, just for entering, you get a $25 gift card! It's a win-win! 



Weekend Around LA


It's something special when you find that person in life who understands you like no other. And it's even more special when you can be reunited with that friend after months apart! This weekend that Adreanna visited was about doing some awesome things, but even more special than the things we did were the moments of running through a torrential rainstorm, listening to "I Don't Want to Live Forever" approximately 27 times, and laughing until there were tears in our eyes from the strangest, funniest conversations I will never forget. Love this best friend of mine and the memories we always make when we're together! Here's what we did: 

Carrera Cafe for coffee with the most unique latte art! 
Melrose Avenue for vintage shopping 
Tentenyu on Sawtelle for delicious ramen bowls
Culver Hotel for late night live music 

Rockcreation for an afternoon of indoor rock climbing 
Sweet Fin Poke for the best poke bowls in town 
ArcLight Cinema for a movie 
Commissary for a rooftop dinner 

Sidecar Donuts for a not so healthy (but delicious) donut breakfast
Santa Monica for soaking in the sunshine at the beach 
3rd Street for shopping 
Echo Park for vintage shopping and coffee 

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