Weekend Around LA


It's something special when you find that person in life who understands you like no other. And it's even more special when you can be reunited with that friend after months apart! This weekend that Adreanna visited was about doing some awesome things, but even more special than the things we did were the moments of running through a torrential rainstorm, listening to "I Don't Want to Live Forever" approximately 27 times, and laughing until there were tears in our eyes from the strangest, funniest conversations I will never forget. Love this best friend of mine and the memories we always make when we're together! Here's what we did: 

Carrera Cafe for coffee with the most unique latte art! 
Melrose Avenue for vintage shopping 
Tentenyu on Sawtelle for delicious ramen bowls
Culver Hotel for late night live music 

Rockcreation for an afternoon of indoor rock climbing 
Sweet Fin Poke for the best poke bowls in town 
ArcLight Cinema for a movie 
Commissary for a rooftop dinner 

Sidecar Donuts for a not so healthy (but delicious) donut breakfast
Santa Monica for soaking in the sunshine at the beach 
3rd Street for shopping 
Echo Park for vintage shopping and coffee 

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  1. I need to go to LA now. All the restaurants sound amazing.