June Update


Well, it sure has been a while since I last posted! I try to keep this site up to date as I'm experiencing life- shooting, working, traveling, and the moments in between. And let me tell you, there has been a lot of life lived since I last posted. In these past few weeks, I've attended the MTV Movie Awards with my 13 Reasons Why cast mates, booked + shot a short film that is set to come out in time for festival season, wrapped up my 2nd year at UCLA, and kicked off this incredible summer. It's already been full of so much joy. Summer is my favorite time of year. For as long as I've been in school and especially since I've moved away to college, I've looked forward to summertime like I look forward to Christmas. It just always holds so much spontaneity, adventure, and literal warmth- all things I thrive off of.

So what's in store for this summer? I'm currently in Boston for a week, then I'll continue on to spend Fourth of July weekend in DC (I think this is becoming a tradition!). Then in mid July, I'm headed to India, Japan, and Singapore for a big trip with my family! I've been to India once before, but never Tokyo or Singapore.  I am so excited to be spending this time with my family exploring Asia! Once I get back, I'm planning some road trips, camping trips, and, of course, spending as much time as I can in Sausalito. Since our first summer there, it has become my absolute favorite place that fills me up with peace, foggy mornings, beach picnics, and creative inspiration. Summer 2017, I'm embracing you with arms wide open and can't wait to see what you have in store! I'm ready for plenty of adventure, smiles, sunshine, and joy

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