Denim On Denim


photos by Deanna Marie Photography 

When we shot these photos I must have really been feeling the blue hues, because there is so much blue and white going here! For the longest time, I was a little hesitant about the denim on denim trend, but I think as long as they're different shades you can absolutely make it work. I've actually really loved pairing light and dark denim together. Plus, these jeans (which I also featured in this post) are currently the most comfortable pair I own. Another thing I'm loving? This bag. It is the perfect carryon size and, as I mentioned, this summer is definitely the summer of crazy travel. This bag has been my partner in crime throughout every single plane ride and road trip! 

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  1. This is seriously the cutest outfit, and I adobe the bag. I am so glad I stumbled across your post this morning after finding you tagged on the blog Preptista. I love all your images and you have an amazing taste in fashion and dorm décor! Looking forward to reading more and adding you to my favorite list of bloggers.
    Meg //