End of Summer Travel Blues


Post summer travel blues is a real thing. It's nice to be home and slow down the pace before heading back to UCLA, but I sure do miss adventure and excitement and spontaneity! This summer was a crazy one. Boston, DC, Singapore, India, Japan, SF, Portland, Seattle, LA, Santa Barbara, and then a week long camping trip on the North Coast of California in Fort Bragg. I've had just about a month at home with absolutely no travel. While it's been so restful and relaxing, it definitely took me a few days to decompress and be okay with just being home. I always say that if I could live out of a suitcase and travel all the time I would. I thrive off of travel. But I will say that after my busiest season of travel ever, it's been nice to catch a breath and stay home. And that also means having time to share all of these summer travels here on Practically Imperfect! One of the best things about been home and slowing down was having time to get creative, brainstorm new ideas for this site, and dream about the future. Being home after traveling has left me feeling creative, passionate, more inspired than ever before.

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