Freshman Fifteen: 15 Things You Need for College

Back to school season is in full swing and it got me thinking about what I wish I'd known I needed to stock up for before my freshman year of college! Those endless dorm packing lists can be so overwhelming, so I attempted to simplify my list to the fifteen most essential items to pack for college. Shop all of my top picks for each category below! 

Keurig for coffee fueled early morning classes and late night study sessions

Backpack for keeping everything organized for class

Swell Bottle for keeping water cold all day long  

Tennis Shoes for working out and walking to class

Day Planner for staying organized

Robe for the walk from the shower back to your dorm

Headphones for study sessions and long walks to class

Desk Lamp for late night study sessions

Weekend Bag for trips back home or weekend adventures with friends

Baseball Cap for the days you don't feel like doing your hair

Dry Shampoo for looking great between washes

Leggings for working out, going to class, or having a lazy day

Wireless Speaker for dorm room jam sessions

Phone Case Wallet so you don't have to carry a purse

White Sneakers for going out

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  1. Hannah, this is such a useful post! I'm obsessed with the title, it's so clever ;)
    xx, Lauren |

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