My September Mantra


At the beginning of each month, my planner has a little page where you can fill in little life updates, goals, important dates, etc. I always love filling it out because it gives a snapshot of exactly where I am in life at that moment. And it's always fun to look back through the past months and memories. As I was filling out this month's goals, without any thought, I wrote exactly what came to mind: peace, productivity, and positivity. I didn't really mean for it to be catchy or meaningful, but as those three words spilled onto the page they became way more than just monthly goals. I think those three words are going to be my mantra as I enter the new school year and this next chapter of life.

Before college, I rarely struggled with anxious thoughts. Then boom. It hit my freshman year and battling that negativity became a daily struggle. I am accepting that I am not defined by my achievements, that I am enough, and that it's perfectly okay to find peace just being in the moment.

This summer, a major switch flipped and I feel more future oriented than ever before. I think being closer to graduation and having tangible milestones ahead of me really kicked things into gear. I have some major personal and professional goals that I am so excited to be chasing hard and working toward.

There is so so so much to be grateful for. This is one blessed life. And even when things get busy and crazy, I want to take time and make a conscious effort to adjust my focus and see all the goodness and beauty in this life that I get to live.

Now it's your turn. What is your Mantra that will carry you through this month or maybe even a whole chapter of life? Mine kind of came about by accident, but I'd love to know your process of inspiration. Happy September :)

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