West Coast Road Trip Recap


It is something special to surround yourself with friends that light a fire under you; who drive you to be better creatively and do more... Going on this road trip with Angelika and Natalie was easily one of my best decisions of the summer. This photography trip was nonstop and I loved every second of it. We took the scenic route, along Highway 101, basically winding our way up the North Coast. Stopping along the way wasn't just part of the fun, it's honestly what made the trip. The unplanned moments that we got to capture as we bounced from place to place were spontaneous and beautiful.

Find friends that inspire you and drive you toward your own creative sparks. Angelika is a photographer, Natalie is a full time blogger + Etsy shop owner, and I am somewhere in between (currently balancing school, acting, blogging, etc). We all have different interests within a similar creative field which caused tons of insane inspiration throughout the trip. We never hesitated to pull over if there was an awesome shooting opportunity, but also savored the off camera moments (like endlessly laughing about booking our last minute honeymoon suite en route to Oregon). We put some serious mileage on my trusty little Volkswagen, met some crazy cool people along the way, and enjoyed our fair share of Taco Bell. All in all, the best kind of trip I could ever imagine.

PS: Go listen to our West Coast Road Trip Playlist on Spotify for an idea of how we survived those glorious 16 hour car rides!  

PPS: Many more photos and posts from this incredible road trip to come! Let me know if you want to read anything specifc!


  1. I've always wanted to roadtrip up the Pacific Coast Highway. I'll have to read all your tips before going first. Where is the black flowy dress from? I love it!


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