A Day in the Life


 photos by Kristen Marie Studio 

wearing Mott & Bow denim (my favorite, best fitting brand!) 

With my first day of senior year at UCLA right around the corner, I wanted to share how I spent most of my summer.  I worked at a PR company in San Francisco and I LOVED it. From the badass women I spent the day with to the chilly SF weather to the office espresso machine to the work itself, I was constantly energized and inspired. Even the hour long bus commute from home in Sausalito to the Financial District was oddly rhythmic and comforting. For the first time (basically ever), I had a pretty solid daily routine. I absolutely loved the pace and energy. I'm so glad that my school year at UCLA started so late, because it meant that I got to spend more time at my job! Here's a look at my typical daily routine: 

7am Roll out of bed, pack my lunch, get dressed 
7:30am Walk to the bus stop 
8am Hop on the bus, eat breakfast, do my daily devotion, and then start work 
9am Arrive at work, get coffee (still not fully awake) 
9-11am Each day looks a little different, but my mornings usually entail replying to emails, pitching, and media list making
11am-12pm Again, things change day to day but I usually have client calls in the early afternoon 
12-1pm Lunch! Explore the city, meet up with my best friend who's also working in SF, or get errands done
1-3pm Back to work. More productivity, pitching, emailing, writing, etc! 
3-5pm My most productive hours, trying to complete tasks by end of day 
5pm Off work! Head to the bus stop
5:30-6:30 Commute home 
7-8pm Go on a run with my mom or to yoga (or just chill if I'm tired!) 
9pm Dinner 
10pm Wind down, shower, watch tv, etc 
12am Sleep! 

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